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Kerry Jablonski 

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Kerry Jablonski was born and raised in Southern California.  He excelled in outdoor sports and with the guidance of his parents he was involved in many community service programs designed to improve the community.  As a young boy, Kerry could often be found in entrepreneurial activities like lemonade stands, lawn mowing services, and car washing.

Soon after graduating from high school, Kerry went to work for a museum and assisted archeologists in uncovering America’s Indian heritage in the painted desert of Arizona.  

A year later he returned to So. Cal and while working local jobs, Kerry attended a local community college where he received several academic awards and community service awards and moved on to the Cal State University system.  Through most of his college years, Kerry worked as a mason (cement, brick, block, stone).  He also owned & operated a surf shop near his college town.  He also served in the student senate and was elected to the Board of Trustees in the North Orange County Community College District.  Ultimately he earned a degree in Business Administration.

Immediately after college, Kerry became involved in a company that manufactured airframe parts & sub-assemblies for the aerospace industry.  Within three years he became a managing owner and within 10 years the plant grew from 9 employees to 250 employees with over $25,000,000 in sales.  

After 20 years with that company, Kerry sold his interest and became involved in real estate related investment activities such as rehabbing, renting, and asset based lending.  During this time Kerry and his wife raised two children and were blessed with the time and resources to build a family and be involved in the parenting activities that make raising children a truly blessed experience.

Kerry Jablonski

Acquisitions Manager, American Home Buyers & Sellers, LLC