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American Home Buyers & Sellers, LLC is the West Coast's premier real estate solutions company with offices in Long Beach, California and Southern Oregon. Our company specializes in solving complicated real estate matters for people throughout the United States. Whether foreclosure, inherited property, probate, tax liens, abandoned land, fire damaged property, or surplus inventory we help find CASH BUYERS FOR YOUR HOUSES! Since its inception, American Home Buyers and Sellers, LLC has helped hundreds of home owners find solutions to their complicated real estate problems. Whether the homeowner is looking to sell or just looking for a FULL CASH OFFER we can provide a quick and easy solution by connecting you with Real Estate Investors across the United States and Beyond! American Home Buyers & Sellers, LLC specializes in property wholesale and is the foremost expert in this arena. We can help avoid tax liens on family property and avoid bankruptcy when dealing with stressful real estate situations. We work with each home owner individually and explore all possible options.

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The Mission of American Home Buyers & Sellers strives to improve local communities to attract and aide entry-level homebuyers in obtaining the "American Dream" of Home Ownership.

We work with Real Estate Investors, Landlord Owners, Rehabbers and Wholesalers.

Our acknowledgments extend far beyond the West Coast. We're active in all corners of the United States Real Estate Markets.

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