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At American Home Buyers and Sellers we offer the BEST WHOLESALE DEALS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA! If you are a serious Investor in Southern California then you do not have the time to scour the MLS and do aggressive marketing campaigns in different neighborhoods, you need to have the numbers ready to run and flip these houses as quick as you can for the most available profit, period. We have a proven method of providing clear and free properties with PLENTY OF PROFIT available for the savvy investor.

That's right, why search for properties all day when they can come to you? Our business is providing Landlords, Investors, and Owner Occupants with good solid properties that have plenty of room for everyone to get a piece of the profit.

Bargain properties that are in up-and-coming neighborhoods with skyrocketing profit margins!

Here's how it works;

We have properties listed on our website here, but also at our wholesale cash buyer site: 


We also send out email notifications to those on our preferred list, these deals are typically so fast to move that posting them to the website would take longer than the property takes to SELL!!

If you would like to be added to our preferred list for wholesale properties please visit our wholesale cash buyer site and sign up on the left hand side of the page! CLICK THIS LINK NOW!

American Home Buyers & Sellers has the RIGHT REAL ESTATE SOLUTIONS FOR YOU! If you are in the Southern California Contact Us Today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

If you live outside of California, WE CAN STILL HELP YOU FIND BARGAIN PROPERTIES!!! American Home Buyers and Sellers is active in ALL 50 STATES in the Union!!! We can connect you to properties in every corner of the country, wherever your investments are active and profitable, just sign up for our properties listings.